Happy PONO Day 2018! [JUNE 22]

Aloha 'Ohana,

PONO Day is today - June 22, 2018.  Pono's 14th year in heaven.  We'd like to take some time this PONO Day to be a BLESSing to others.  PONO Day always reminds us of the family and friends that have been there for us.  We wouldn't have been able to be, live, and spread PONO without your outpouring of love, support, and kindness over the past 14 years.  It still feels like yesterday that Pono Boy was sharing his LOVE with us through his BIG hugs & kisses, his infectious smile and kolohe ways.  Now we share his love and carry on his legacy by BLESSing others one PONO deed at a time.

All our love,
Jon, Maile, Jrae, and Jai
(Pono Boy from heaven)

Please share your PONO deed with us - Text, call or email.
It always helps us to get through PONO Day a little easier.

All Pono